Difficult events and experiences can leave us in low spirits or cause depression.

It could be relationship problems, bereavement, sleep problems, stress at work, bullying, chronic illness or pain.

Sometimes it’s possible to feel down without there being an obvious reason.

Whatever the cause, if negative feelings don’t go away, are too much for you to cope with, or are stopping you from carrying on with your normal life, you may need to make some changes and get some extra support.


What can we do to help?

Our recommendation for low mood would be a CBT approach to support you to reduce your symptoms to a manageable level according to your individual therapy goals.

We could offer support to you and your family for a better understanding of low mood.

This is in accordance to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. NICE reviews all the available evidence about treatments for physical and mental health conditions, and produces guidance about which treatments should be offered.

This is available at https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/CG28